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Lollapalooza Posters

Lollapalooza posters for the music festival created by Jane's Addiction front-man, Perry Farrell.  Lollapalooza was born in 1991 as a farewell tour for Farrell's band and ran through 1997.  The festival was revived in 2003.  2005 was the first year Lolla was ran under the "C3" umbrella and they pinned them to just one city, Chicago, IL.  From 2005-2010 Lollapalooza remained as the most popular weekend for alternative music lovers in Chicago to flock to Grant Park.  2011 marked the year Lolla took their show back on the road adding Santiago, Chile to the mix and adding a 3rd stop in 2012 - Sao Paulo, Brazil.  2015 will be the first Euro Lollapalooza live in Berlin, Germany.  Originally an alternative music festival, lolla has transformed and showcased different genres including grunge, punk, rock, rap, electronic and even some country.  Lollapalooza now boasts a vibrant art scene at all of the festivals including the tradition of releasing an official poster every year.  Featuring both high profile and up and coming artists like the Ames Brothers, Shepard Fairey, Hebru Brantley, Frank Zepponi, Phineas X. Jones, Billy Tokyo and many more.  Take a look through our rare and vintage Sold Out Lollapalooza Posters!