Todd Slater

Todd Slater lives in Austin, TX with his wife and three children. He has created posters for Jack White, Widespread Panic, The Avett Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, and many more. The stunningly intricate details and colors inspired by Slater’s interpretation of the artist’s music make his posters some of the most sought-after among collectors and art lovers alike.

After graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches in 2002, Slater landed an internship at The Graphic Library, helping to create stock illustrations. They did screen printing in a shop in East Texas, Tattoo Productions, that had been home to a long line of professional artists. Shortly after that Slater became inspired to create gig posters.

He began his career as a poster artist by sending unsolicited designs to The White Stripes. This eventually lead to a collaboration with poster artist Rob Jones.

Slater’s early work was similar in style to other gig posters at the time, the rise of Mondo inspired him to illustrate more densely and add more detail. Slater credits Mondo for enabling him to think on a grander scale for his gig posters. He tries to create unique art that pulls on both his interpretations of the music, as well as the sense of place for each individual show.

Slater’s signature style is very image-heavy with most of the gig info almost hidden within the work. Slater’s goal is to one day create a gig poster where the image is all that is needed to promote the show.